An original member of W.A.S.P., Chris Holmes has etched out a Stellar Career which can be traced back to the early days of metal that infiltrated L.A. and the Sunset Strip. A California native himself Holmes is also well known for his role in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years and other projects both in film and music playing with the A list of metal.

Another original member of W.A.S.P., Randy Piper along with Chris Holmes and Blackie Lawless created the sound that took their first two records to Gold. Previously in Circus Circus with Lawless, the Transition into W.A.S.P was part of the evolution that created the distinctive sound they have become famous for.

In his later role in W.A.S.P, Stet Howland became a key component as drummer. In addition to W.A.S.P the ever active Howland’s resume includes Temple of Brutality, RUN 21, Killing Machine, Belladonna, Blackfoot and Lita Ford to name just a few.

Steve Unger, who played with Metal Church, is a talented Bassist in his own right and his contribution to the Where Angels Suffer project completes the dynamic which makes these dynamic band mates such a huge success.

Rich Lewis a longtime friend and fellow musician of Piper and Holmes was a natural choice for front man as he is a key component in the chemistry of the band. He has played alongside many greats artists including his band mates some of who where in Animal, he also was in Ravencraft with Jeff Young (Megadeth). Lewis’s natural talent, broad range and unique voice which encompass the Metal sound are what cemented his spot as front man. His vocals only need to be heard to be believed.

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