Guitar demon Metal Mike Chlasciakis without doubt one of the hardest working and respected Heavy Metal guitarists of today’s generation. Metal Mike is most commonly known as the guitarist who helped JUDAS PRIEST vocalist ROB HALFORD reclaim and hold his status as the true Metal God. Metal Mike is the guitarist for Rob Halford’s endeavor HALFORD.

Metal Mike leads his own solo endeavor Metal Mike’s PAINMUSEUM whose debut album Metal For Life enjoyed much attention and critical acclaim from the Metal community. Metal For Life has seen a worldwide 2005 release through Demolition Records via Universal Music Distribution/ UMVD. Metal For Life is mixed by Roy Z. (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Helloween, Halford) and the musician line-up features Metal Mike’s Halford stage mate Bobby Jarzombek, (Halford, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach), Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus, Death) and vocal power demon Tim Clayborne. Metal Mike’s PainmuseuM has toured internationally along Halford, Testament and Immortal to name a few. Rave reviews met the release across the globe with a prominent German publication HEAVY Oder Was? concluding PainmuseuM to be A band that finally delivered an album in the tradition of Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power and Machine Head’s Burn My Eyes. Any questions?

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