For Danger Danger, good things seem to come in twos. Formed in 1987 by Bruno Ravel and Steve West, and rounded out by Ted Poley, Andy Timmons and Kasey Smith, it didn't take long for the band to be noticed by Epic Records' Lennie Petze. Petze made Danger Danger the first signing to his newly minted Imagine Records. Released in 1989, the self-titled Imagine/Epic release struck gold.

1991 saw the release of Screw It! With extensive touring and overwhelming press coverage, Screw It! actualized two hits, Monkey Business and I Still Think About You.

In 1993, Danger Danger recorded their 3rd disc for Sony titled Cockroach, however, due to legal wrangling, the album wouldn’t see the light of day until eight years later. Eventually the band amicably parted ways with the label.

In 1995, Bruno Ravel and Steve West formed Low Dice Records, and released their first album for the label - Dawn. Conceived during this dark chapter for the band, the record was somewhat of a departure from their earlier work, reflecting a somber and introspective tone, both musically and lyrically.

1998 saw the release of Four The Hard Way, a return to the band’s original melodic rock roots. The album was heralded as a classic in the genre, receiving rave reviews throughout the world.

The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves followed in 2000. It too, was greeted with stellar reviews from critics and fans the world over, further helping cement the band's reputation.

In 2001, the long awaited, and eagerly anticipated Cockroach was finally released. In a joint venture with Sony Music, Low Dice Records issued a 2 CD set featuring both versions of the album. Disc one features then current vocalist Paul Laine, while disc two features original lead vocalist Ted Poley.

In 2002, VH1 voted the group one of the “Top 40 Hairbands Of All Time,” landing at number 25, and featuring them in their hit special VH1’s “Top 40 Hairbands Of All Time.” Later that year, the band scored another coup when their song Naughty Naughty Xmas was featured in the #1 movie in America – Disney’s "The Santa Clause 2."

2003 was filled with many highlights, beginning with the release of Rare Cuts, a collection of unreleased and rare tracks. Following the success of the album, the band triumphantly returned to the UK (after a ten year absence) and Spain, wowing fans and critics alike. More praise came as Guitar For The Practicing Musician magazine declared Danger Danger’s self-titled debut one of the “50 Greatest Guitar Albums Of The ‘80s.”

2004 witnessed the return of original vocalist Ted Poley after an eleven-year absence, and the band returned to the road that summer with an extensive tour. Danger Danger continues to tour Europe and Japan, leaving satisfied crowds in their wake.

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