COUNT'S 77 consists of Danny "The Count" Koker on lead vocals, John Zito on lead guitar, harmonica and vocals, Stoney Curtis on lead guitar and vocals, Barry Barnes on bass and vocals and Paul DiSibio on drums. John Zito's slide and dobro guitars give the band its unique sound, with the virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix and the soul of Johnny Winter.

Stoney Curtis' trio has toured the U.S. and internationally for over 10 years. He is signed to Shrapnel Records with 3 internationally released albums, with a soon to be released "LIVE" record and DVD.

Zito and Curtis' leads compliment each other while having a mesmerizing effect on the audience. Pauley D's unique style brings a high energy persona to the band. Barnes funky, soulful bass playing holds down the foundation of the band.

The band’s latest addition is Danny “The Count” Koker, star of Pawn Stars and the owner of Count Kustoms. Koker is the front man and lead singer. This killer combination seals the solid backbone of the band and gives them a nostalgic 70’s vibe. They have a strong arsenal of originals and obscure 70’s cover songs.

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