BAPTiZED BY FiRE "Juggernaut" (official video)

These days, it doesnt take much to get a F**K YOU! Pretty much anything you like, is being torn apart by someone else on a daily basis. And lets face it - we ALL participate. But what we ALL have to remember is, that hate, does NOT define us. Its what we LOVE, that defines US ALL.

Hello, we're BAPTiZED BY FiRE and we love music, do you?

We were all born into music. Born to listen to and enjoy it. Hell, we were born to make it. Just MAKE IT. Music. And we will, for as long as our fingers and lungs can take it, without any worry of losing heart.

Danny Wacker plays guitar. That's pretty much it. He plays guitar, and sometimes, only sometimes, he takes a break to watch "Three's Company." That's right, guitar and Suzanne Somers. That's commitment. That's work ethic. We're lucky to have him.

Dan Carlisle plays bass, parties like a rock star and fights like an an army of one. Sometimes the army turns on itself, but you don't have to be perfect to play rock 'n' roll. You just have to be perfect for it. HE IS and were lucky to have him.

Benjamin Clapp plays drums, or guitar, or bass, or trombone, or whatever kind of instrument he can find, on what ever kind of tour he can get on, in what ever kind of band he can join, playing what ever kind of style they play, for whatever they offer. He IS music. And we're lucky to have him.

My name is Jesse Blaze Snider. I sing. I yell. And I scream. If you come down to a show, I'll most certainly do all three at you, at once. I'll try and tell you what to do and who to be. What to do, is what you want, and who to be, is who you are. Sound fair? Of course it does, now f**king do it! I'm not quite as focused on music as everyone else in the band, but I share their passion. I have a lot of passions. My greatest? Being passionate... about everything. We're lucky to have me, too.

Modesty is for the meek and the insecure. If you would describe yourself as either, maybe WE can help you. Give us a listen, and give yourself a crash course in self esteem, self empowerment and self respect. When you're done, you may NOT believe a man can fly, you may NOT believe in Santa, but you WILL believe in yourself.

BAPTiZED BY FiRE - Remember the name, you'll be screaming it later.

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