Music is an art form that, when done well, pushes the boundaries of creativity and presents the listener with a new point of view. Forged from the influences of two of music history's greatest bands, Beatallica are an outfit whose wit, creativity, subversiveness, and flair is just as sharp as the point they make. They reveal how original compositions of satirical music can be crafted for those who identify with humor and biting commentary. All the while, they show appreciation and reverence to The Beatles and Metallica, grandfathers of their respective genres. Under the aliases of Jaymz Lennfield, Grg Hammettson, Kliff McBurtney, and Ringo Larz, Beatallica is closing in on releasing new music with their debut album, due out in the summer of 2007. Beatallica released their first offering, A Garage Dayz Nite, over the internet in 2001 and their hilarious rampaging on the world wide web became well known. The purveyors of sonic insanity released The Gray Album on April 1st, 2004 to the eagerly awaiting moptop metal masses. What started as a small buzz about the band is now a full fledged roar, with the music listening public from all seven continents cheering the undertaking. On a regular basis, magazine feature writers, radio personalities, and mass media members of a major and world-wide assortment have chased the speeding Beatallica bandwagon. Metallica members themselves have given Beatallica approving nods and personal contact.

In October of 2005, Beatallica unleashed their live show to European fans that had been anxiously awaiting their debut arrival on foreign soil. The spirited crowds and positive press made the trip an unmitigated success. In November and December of 2005, the Midwest and east coast areas of the United States were treated to Beatallibanging. With each stop, the momentum was building and continues to do so. Both locations were in line for a return trip in 2006, including a show with Sammy Hagar, and other areas of both continents are being attended to in 2007, including a stop at the Earthshaker Festival. Beatallica's website has sustained nearly one million hits since the release of The Gray Album. The band's presence is growing at a rapid pace, with continuing thousands of hits to the website per day. A search will reveal hundreds of thousands mentions and listings of the band. Peers who make their living in the music and media professions have lauded the band's continual efforts of musicianship, solidarity, comedy, and originality. With the growing support of music lovers of all sorts, Beatallica have bigger plans and ambitious goals on the horizon.

Beatallica, very simply, are changing the face of music both on the internet and over radio waves around the globe. They will continue to expound upon their success with their influences in their ears and music lovers from all areas of the world at their side. Throw your fist high into the air, become a Beatallibanger, and open your mind to their own brand of musical mayhem.

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