ANGEL was formed in 1975 by Punky Meadows (Guitar), Frank DiMino (Vocals), Gregg Giuffria (Keyboards), Mickie Jones (Bass), and Barry Brandt (Drums). After their third album, Mickie Jones was replaced with Felix Robinson. Punky Meadows and Mickie Jones had previously recorded an album with the band BUX in the early 1970's, (Which also included an early version of "White Lightning"). This band also featured Ralph Morman who later worked with the JOE PERRY PROJECT. However the BUX album was not released until 1976, after ANGEL had started to get big. The final studio album "Sinful", was originally going to be entitled "Bad Publicity", and some copies left the factory with that title on the label of the record itself. An even smaller number made it out with the "Bad Publicity" outer record jacket. These of course are now the sought after versions of the record amongst collectors.

Over the years, the band toured the world with such '70s hard rock legends as: HUMBLE PIE, FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH, and LEGS DIAMOND. Surprisingly though (considering they shared the same label:CASABLANCA), they never toured with Kiss. After ANGEL folded in 1981, Gregg Giuffria went on to form the band GIUFFRIA, which had 2 albums out in the mid 1980's. Once GIUFFRIA disbanded in 1987, Gregg formed HOUSE OF LORDS, which continued on until 1993. But...the saga continues!

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