Coallier Entertainment
When we formed Coallier Entertainment, our philosophy was to build a company that took chances, believed in their artists, and simply didn't care too much about what was 'in' but more importantly, cared about the artist and what was good!

Simply Because We Give A F*CK!
There are very few people who think like we do. We believe that even once an artist has 'peaked', it does not mean they over. Maybe they need to downsize in order to continue. Maybe they need to tour other countries, get on festivals etc...There is plenty of work out there for artists if they are still willing to go the distance and work!

So What Kind of Music Does Coallier Entertainment Represent?
Though it appears as if we are geared to work with more of the 'Hard Rock' artists, we are looking for all types of music. Lets face it, there is only two kinds of music..Good Music and Bad Music and in the end, its all an opinion anyway isn't it?

Coallier Entertainment has several divisions designed to get the most for the artists needs such as distribution, tour support, radio play, a recording facility in New York, a private sound stage rehearsal facility with a 30 foot stage, lighting etc, a publicity firm that we work closely with, website construction, management and more... We sign the artist or represent the artist. This allows you to deal with one company directly - Coallier Entertainment Ltd.

Putting It All Together
If you are an artist who was previously signed, currently signed, or looking to be signed or represented, Coallier Entertainment may be the answer for you!

Send Us A Package
Okay, so what do you have? Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Rave, Techno, Electronica, Ska, Punk, Dance, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rap, or maybe even a Tribute act? Yes, we even have a tribute division called Tribute Central!

We look forward to hearing from you. Please remember though, we can't do anything for you unless you SEND US SOMETHING. All packages must be mailed in for review. No calls or walk ins will be accepted. If you don't have a package, we understand, today the world is all about the internet. Email us your websites, EPK's, MP3's and more. Send to

We review everything that comes in. We do not delete, nor toss out your hard work!

For mailings:
48 West 56th Street
Suite 5A
New York, NY 10019